Workshop on Combinatorics

Workshop on Combinatorics

February 6 - 8, 2011



The purpose of this workshop is two-fold. One of them is to stimulate research and to foster the interaction of researchers in Combinatorics. The other one is to mark the retirement of Professor Jin Ho Kwak and to celebrate his emeritus professorship. Professor Jin Ho Kwak strongly influenced the development of combinatorics in Korea. Professor Kwak has served as a director of Combinatorial and computational research center at Postech supported by KOSEF and teacher and mentor to mathematicians throughout the world.

Conference Program

The program will consist of invited talks and free discussion. All the lectures will be delivered in English. The list of the invited speakers will be given later.

Organizing Committee (Alphabet order)

Jae Choon Cha (POSTECH)

Young Ju Choie (POSTECH)

Young Soo Kwon (Yeungnam University)

Jaeun Lee (Yeungnam University)

Hyungju Park (POSTECH)

Moo Young Sohn (Changwon University)

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Sponsored by

Pohang Mathematics Institute(PMI), NRF

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